'The important thing is not what others made of me,

but what I make of what they made of me'   Sartre

Gestalt Psychotherapy Bristol


Photo by D. Hernet

  As a therapist I work and train in Gestalt approach, which emphasizes the uniqueness of each person and the individual experience. Psychotherapy is a journey to discovery that uniqueness and maximizing one's potential for happiness.


  The first meeting is a chance to meet each other and see if you could benefit from working with me. It is a good time to discuss your expectations, reasons to start a therapy and ask any questions you may have. I will be able to explain the framework within I work.

  If you would like to continue, I suggest 3 meetings, where you can decide what you would like to focus on (which areas you would like to explore) and feel if further therapy with me will be beneficial for you. It is also a time for me, where I can decide if I'm able to offer you support you need.


  The sessions are weekly, usually the same day and time each week, and are 50 minutes long. My fee is £40 per session. I work with individual adults clients, both in Polish and English. I offer brief focused work, as well as long term therapy, according to your needs.