'The important thing is not what others made of me,

but what I make of what they made of me'   Sartre

Gestalt Psychotherapy Bristol


Photo by D. Hernet

  Psychotherapy is a time for you. It is a non-judgemental and confidential space, where you can explore any difficulties you may be experiencing. As a therapist, I won't give you ready-made answers for what troubles you. Instead I will help you to look for them. I will meet you in a safe environment and support your journey to expanding your awareness. The aim is you understand yourself better and develop your hidden potential - well-being and a better quality of life. Psychotherapy is a possibility to change, a chance to be and live a more satisfying way.

There are many reasons to seek therapy:

- You experience personal, relationship or family difficulties;

- You suffer from low self-esteem;

- You struggle with depression, anxiety or fear;

- You have difficulties coping with stress;

- You experience bereavement;

- You lost the meaning of life;

- You want to explore your inner resources, so you can face            difficulties encountered;

- You want to understand yourself better and grow as a person;

- You need support.

We will start where you are and go from there.